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Flash Kanji project


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Oct 2023 - present


Introducing FlashKanji, your all-in-one kanji learning and practicing web application for you. This is also my very first education-based learning concept application for me and also my practical project for backend development with PHP. FlashKanji mainly delivers flashcard learning concepts of Kanjis and Jukugos according to learners at different levels of their language learning journey.


Developing "FlashKanji" is an exciting journey for me, especially since it is my first time working on a practical project with PHP. I chose PHP and MySQL for the backend to handle storing all the details about Kanji and Jukugo, and to manage requests from the users. For the front end, I decided on Next JS because of its flexibility. The main feature I focused on was making the flashcard learning interactive and engaging.

Structured Learning

Learn Kanji and Jukugo with a structured approach by organizing them into standardized chapters. This method ensures that learners can progress through the material logically and sequentially.

Enhanced Interaction

"Flash Kanji" brings an engaging learning experience to life with interactive UI features. The application includes a slider view for seamless browsing of Kanji and Jukugo flashcards. Additionally, it offers the ability to shuffle and randomize the flashcards, ensuring the learning process remains dynamic and effective by introducing elements of surprise and variety, which are key to reinforcing memory and retention.

Personalized Learning

In "Flash Kanji," users can customize their learning experience by marking Kanji or Jukugo items as favorites. These favorite items can easily be accessed in their profile section for quick review. Additionally, users can mark certain Kanji or Jukugo items as 'Targets' for various reasons, such as finding them challenging to remember. This feature allows learners to focus on areas that need extra attention, making their study sessions more efficient and tailored to their individual needs.

Mastering Stroke Order

"Flash Kanji" offers a detailed feature where users can explore the stroke order of each kanji through animated guides. This animation shows the exact sequence and technique for drawing each character, making it easier for learners to understand and practice the correct stroke order. This visual tool is especially helpful for beginners and enhances the learning experience by providing a clear, step-by-step method to master the art of writing kanji.



What are the techs?

- Front-end - Next JS

- Back-end - PHP
- Authentication - Firebase
- Styling - TailwindCSS

- UI Component - Material Tailwind
- Kanji Stroke Animation - Kanjivg
- State Management - Redux Toolkit
- Routing - React Router


I tried my best to deliver the best learning experience during the learning session of a user.



As the development of "Flash Kanji" moves forward, the main goal isn't just to add new features. Instead, the focus will be on improving what's already there. The plan is to take a good look at the current version of the app, find ways to make it better and ensure it's the best it can be for learners. The future of "Flash Kanji" is about making a better experience for all.