All Vectors, SVGs,Fonts, and Icons used in this website have their rightful owners.

  • Traditional english letter boxes, Image by pch.vector on Freepik
  • Plastic-toy-blocks-background, Image by Freepik
  • SVG illustrations by
  • One of the Burmese fonts used in this website is Z06 Walone created by ZINBO. Thank you for letting me use the font in this project.
  • UI design and development by Te Nyain Moe Lwin
  • I would like to thank Mr. Jerome Kalumbu who reviewed my portfolio and gave me guidance to improve User Experience of this project. His review process is comprehensible and right on point along with his past experience. Jerome recently launched a book named "Don't start with visuals" and you can also check out for his website review process.
  • I thank my family for all understanding and supporting along my journey. Special thanks to my brother who prepared me delicious meals while I am working on my projects.